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A community that believes in spreading the power of positivity through martial arts tricking. 


"All I can say is this was an experience that he will never forget. An experience that was life changing for him and a life saving trip in my eyes. Such positive and electric energy in the room. It was amazing. Just know that the change in Raul has been huge since the day I picked him back up. I will forever be grateful for that." 

Cindy Pelaez
Madisonville, LA

"My son Tristan has been to all the Experience Tricking camps. We love this camp! It's a fun and safe environment with trained instructors that make this an amazing "experience." Tristan is more confident and a better martial artist/tricker because of this camp. He has also made many friends and now has some amazing mentors/instructors that are so inspirational, and he really looks up to them. He can ask them for any advice at any time. They have really changed my son's life!!! I highly recommend anyone that is interested in this form of training to sign up immediately!!! It fills up fast!!! Come join the fun!!! Great job Ryan Dale & Crew!!!! True Mentors!!!!"

Shannon Poole
Brandon, MS

"Experience Tricking is awesome! From beginners to experts there is a place for everyone. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Aaron Thibodeaux
Bridge City, TX

"I think it is the most positive tricking gathering that I have been to and have had the luxury of teaching at." 

Christian Womack
Los Angeles, LA

"Experience Tricking isn't just about the tricks. It's life changing! Awesome people, awesome coaches, and an amazing atmosphere!"

Adam Rodgers
Atlanta, GA

"[In Nicaragua, in the past] I felt like I didn't have a family. But today, since I had the chance to come to this event, I saw children be happy. I saw children have what I didn't have - that really moves my heart. I feel like I am at home here."

Yordi Castrillo
Managua, Nicaragua

Tia Alexander
Gretna, LA