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Form W-9

Download the form, follow along with the screen recording video below to fill out the form, and then upload the completed form.  

Text instructions can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Notes: It can be difficult to find the spot to type for the last step, so if you have trouble, just copy and paste a text box from an earlier step and drag it into the appropriate spot. 

In order for the form to work correctly, you will most likely have to download the form and open it in a program outside of your browser. 
e.g. if you're using Chrome, it may open inside Chrome in Chrome's PDF viewer. Download it instead and open it on your computer. 

Contact Brittani at hr@experiencetricking.com if you have any questions. 

Brittani LeBlanc, Experience Tricking HR Leader, walks you through the information we need for your W-9. If you have any questions, please contact her at hr@experiencetricking.com

Text Instructions

  1. Name
  2. Company name (if you want to be paid through a company you own)
  3. Company type (if you added a company name above) 
  4. Skip
  5. Address (personal or company) 
  6. City, state, zip
  7. Skip

Part I
 - SSN (for personal)
 - EIN (for company)

Part II
 - Sign
 - Date