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ET2019 Seminar Skill Form

After purchasing a ticket for ET2019 that includes the Seminar, participants have the opportunity to fill out this form to be placed into the correct group based on skill level.

This short list of 12 groups of tricks is purely to help place participants into the appropriate group. It does not reflect the entire curriculum or the extent of tricking in general.

If you are not sure about any of the terms, try researching online (YouTube, Instagram, etc.), but do not worry about selecting “No” or “Not Sure” as this will ensure that you are placed into the appropriate group.

Options include:
Yes (I would do this in a performance)
No (I haven’t tried this or I’ve tried and I’m not ready)
Kind of (I’m working on it)
Not sure (Unfamiliar with term)

Participant Name *
Participant Name