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A community that believes in spreading the power of positivity through martial arts tricking. 

ET2019 Seminar + Lock-in Ticket

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ET2019 Seminar + Lock-in Ticket


This ticket includes: 

  • 3 hour martial arts tricking seminar

  • ET2019 t-shirt

  • Night Show access for participant(s) and parent(s)

  • Dinner and snacks

  • Overnight lock-in

  • Breakfast

  • Optional Yoga session

  • Positivity Panel Sunday morning

  • Optional advanced workshop Sunday morning

Participants will have an opportunity to fill out a short form after purchasing a ticket to help place them into the appropriate group.

Quantity limit of 2 tickets when adding to cart
More tickets can be purchased by completing the Add to Cart form again. 
While adding to cart, the form to fill out has fields for up to 2 participants. 

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