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A community that believes in spreading the power of positivity through martial arts tricking. 

Our Story


Experience Tricking creates an environment for learning martial arts tricking, provides leadership and growth opportunities to everyone on our team, and spreads our core belief: the power of positivity. 



We are driven to continue to develop Experience Tricking so that people and communities can train together, find their own meaning of positivity, and then further our movement through their everyday lives. 



We believe in the power of positivity and the difference it makes when it fills a community and spills outward. Our tool is martial arts tricking. Our team wields that tool to inspire the adoption and cultivation of our values throughout our communities. 



The values of Experience Tricking are surrounded by the overarching theme of “the power of positivity.” These values reach a tipping point and are no longer confined to live within just a person, but instead create a culture that positively influences society.

  • Integrity. Reveal the courage found within you to do the right thing. Always.

  • Teamwork. Collaboration is at the heart of fun, exciting, and meaningful ideas.

  • Innovation. You can help the future unfold faster by fostering creativity.

  • Growth. Be an ambassador for continual positive change.

  • Drive. Embrace an unyieldingly intense desire for experiencing a meaningful life.

The ET Footprint

Our tricking camp has gathered attendees from 34 martial arts schools, 18 states across the US, 2 countries, and we are continuing to expand! 

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Experience Tricking Co-Founders
Ryan and Samantha while filming an ET promo video