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A community that believes in spreading the power of positivity through martial arts tricking. 

ET2017 Seminar + Lock-in Ticket

Seminar + Lock-in
Seminar + Lock-in

ET2017 Seminar + Lock-in Ticket


This ticket includes: 

  • 3 hour martial arts tricking seminar with revamped curriculum
  • ET2017 t-shirt
  • Night Show access for participant(s) and parent(s)
  • Dinner and snacks
  • Overnight lock-in 
  • Breakfast
  • Positivity Panel (Sunday morning) 

Skill Levels (selected during ticket purchase)
you are a newcomer to tricking

you are comfortable with basic tricks

you are ready to take your tricks and combos to the next level

Quantity limit of 3 tickets per order. 
More tickets can be purchased by completing more orders. 
While adding to cart, the form to fill out has spots for up to 3 participants.

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