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ET2019 Committing to your Craft - Coach Edition

This exercise is meant to be a catalyst for self-reflection. 
Complete the form below with answers that you believe demonstrate where you are currently. 
Our goal is to take you from where you are and to help you level up. 

Name *
Please indicate how strongly you believe you can execute each skill *
Please indicate how strongly you believe you can execute each skill
I "listen" to someone's words and body language.
I ask people questions that will help them realize their own problems/goals/solutions.
I give constructive criticism while maintaining respect and building self-esteem.
I communicate different perspectives which can powerfully benefit an individual's understanding.
I effectively communicate in terms someone else can understand (no matter the age).
I motivate people to push through adversity.
I coach people based on how I can tell they want to be coached.
I am able to relay positivity to everyone I come into contact with.
Take a few moments to reflect and answer the questions below. We'll revisit this during ET2019.
focused individual / able to contribute to groups through my focused effort
not following through on goals / failing to speak up when I should
ability to be placed in high-performing groups / times where I know I should speak up
falling between the cracks and not being recognized for focused effort
ability to bring energy when it's most needed
connections with new people
Add some notes on skills you would like to improve upon and how you plan on doing so